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I make distinctive ceramic thrown-ware, tile panels and jewellery. I work in batches from my studio in South London. Influences on my work include: everyday sensory experience, organic forms and historical artefacts. I love exploring different textures, colours, pattern and shapes and am constantly evolving new designs through the making process.

My thrown pieces are high fired and made from earthenware, stoneware or porcelain. They are painted with underglaze colours and oxides and functional pieces are finished with a glaze.
The pieces are made to be tactile and enjoyable to use: texture, weight, balance, scale and shape in handling are all important to me, as is durability.
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I have undertaken private and public commissions for my tile panels which incorporate a variety of techniques including digital photography applied as ceramic transfers. My jewellery is unique and varies in design and form. All fittings are sterling silver or gold alloy.