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My ceramics in high-fired stoneware and porcelain explore form, colour and pattern to create relatively small scale work with a strong visual impact that may provoke pleasure when viewed and used. My pieces are hand-thrown and turned on the wheel; texture, weight, balance, scale and shape are all important components of the work. I then hand paint each individual piece in ceramic underglaze colours before their first 'biscuit' firing; most of my work is glazed internally in a second, higher firing with exteriors left unglazed. Everyday sensory experience, organic forms, travel and historical artifacts all inspire my ceramics.

As well as exhibiting work in the U.K. I also regularly participate in ceramic festivals on the continent and this travel is often an important source of inspiration for new work. For example, the Tulip range was first inspired by visiting the Dutch tulip gardens whilst participating in the ceramic festival in Gouda in the Netherlands. In a similar way, the initial idea for my ‘Razor’ range of ceramic jewellery came whilst collecting razor shells on the Dutch coastline and my ‘Reeds’ ceramics from reed banks on the Mediterranean coastline in Catalonia.
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My porcelain and silver jewellery is unique and varies in design and form from batch to batch: some items are single painted pieces and others are made from several pieces, e.g. stained porcelain combined with lustres or painted pieces, beads etc. The collection includes co-ordinated earrings, brooches and pendants. All fittings used in my jewellery are sterling silver or gold filled with the exception of the brooch backs which are silver plated.