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I initially trained in Ceramics at the University of Wolverhampton, graduating with a BA (Hons) degree. This experience fuelled a life long love for ceramics and I have continued to develop my practice over many years, learning new techniques and sharing my expertise through teaching and enabling others.

My long experience of working as a teacher of art and design exposed me to the work of numerous artists and art forms that have greatly enriched my visual vocabulary. I am now fortunate to be able to explore this vocabulary through the creation of ceramics full time from my studio in

South East London.
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Travel, everyday sensory experience, organic forms and historical artefacts all inspire my ceramics. I also have keen interests in photography and textiles, painting and drawing which impacts my work. I make work that may be used every day and pieces range from decorative/domestic ceramics to finely painted jewellery.

My interest in making- and wearing - jewellery began as a child when my grandmother often gave me inexpensive costume jewellery that sometimes needed 'mending' - and so the seed was sown….Working on smaller pieces provides me with the opportunity to make quick experiments with ideas for patterns and colour that feed into my larger ceramics.
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My ceramics are made in high-fired (vitrified) stoneware or porcelain and are painted with ceramic compounds and glazed internally. the underglaze colours are applied before the pieces are fired so that they penetrate and permanently bond with the surface of the clay.

My jewellery is made from vitrified porcelain and the fittings are made from sterling silver.
I show and sell my work through galleries and ceramic and craft fairs in the Uk and Europe.
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I explore form, colour, pattern and texture to create relatively small-scale work that has a strong visual presence, and which may provoke a sense of joy when viewed and used. I aim to marry the surface decoration of pieces with the forms, which are designed to be tactile and pleasurable to use.

Function, texture, weight, balance, scale and shape are all carefully considered when designing my ceramics and jewellery.
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Keramina, Cecina (Italy)
Goudse Keramickdagen, Gouda (Netherlands)
Craft Centre and Design Gallery, Leeds (UK)
Festa del Cantir, Argentona (Spain)
Art in Clay, Hatfield (UK)
Artichoke Gallery, Sussex (UK)
Fiera della Ceramica, Florence (Italy)
Millennium Gallery, Sheffield (UK)
Platform Gallery, Lancashire (UK)
Ceramic Wales, Wrexham (Wales)
Ceramics in the City, Geffrye Museum London (UK)
Handmade in Britain, Chelsea Town Hall London (UK)


Innovations in Ceramic Art, Cambridge (UK)
London Potters at the Ice House, London (UK)
Hepworth Contemporary Ceramics, Wakefield (UK)
Goudse Keramickdagen, Gouda (Netherlands)
Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield (UK)
Potfest Scotland, Perth (Scotland)
Festa del Cantir, Argentona (Spain)
Potfest in the Pens, Penrith (UK)
Argilla, Faenza (Italy)
Handmade at Kew, Kew Gardens (UK)
Made by Hand, Cardiff (Wales)
Inverness Museum and Gallery, Inverness (Scotland)
Gracefield Arts Centre, Dumfries (Scotland)
Gallery Visby, Loenstrup (Denmark)
New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham (UK)


Made London, Canary Wharf London (UK)
Potfest Scotland, Perth (Scotland)
Festa del Cantir, Argentona (Spain)
Great Northern Contemporary Craft, Sheffield (UK)
Werkschule, Oldenburg (Germany)
Great Northern Contemporary Craft, Manchester (UK)
Art in Clay, Hatfield (UK)
Argilla, Aubagne (France)